Hello – I’m Wayne, otherwise known as my stage persona of Captain Chaos!

Captain Chaos

I’m an expert in children’s party entertainment and the skill is quite literally in my DNA!

I act the fool, I use a LOT of different wigs during a party, I dye my beard in all sorts of strange colours, and I LOVE getting involved in making your child’s party special and enjoyable!

I’ve always loved entertaining and have been a full time wedding and party DJ for more years than I can remember.  But my real love is entertaining the younger guests because it’s so much fun and so much less serious….I’m a big kid at heart myself.

I enjoy talking to them on THEIR level (yes, bogies and snot will probably be mentioned!), and have even been known to have conversations on a microphone with them!

I make fun WITH them but NEVER make fun OF them. I make them laugh, I make them smile, I let them enjoy the party!

I’m a Scout Leader in my spare time (from the 6 year old Beavers to the teenage Scouts) so know a little of what they enjoy musically and in the way of games. Because of this role, I also take things like safeguarding and health and safety seriously. I aim to make the party fun….but I’ll ALWAYS ensure it’s safe to do each game as well!

I’m also a very proud Grandad (yes I’m old…and the kid’s at a party will very often age me at around 90 years old!).

All of this means that I care a LOT about the children at the party and make sure that they’re both enjoying themselves, but safe at the same time!

I have literally thousands of children’s parties under my belt, and every one of them has been a big success. That said, I learn from each and every party I work at and am constantly refining what I do….even after 30+ years of doing the job!

As for the DNA bit…my five greats grandfather on my Mother’s side of the family was Arthur Rose, also known as Professor Roselia…a Punch and Judy puppeteer on the Suffolk coast from 1890 to 1940! If that’s not a history of children’s entertainment….

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