What’s it like to be Captain Chaos?

One question I’m often asked during the eating bit at a children’s disco party is…”what do you do for a living?” Do you know what? I have the most AWESOME job in the world! I’m Captain Chaos (yes dear reader….this is how I pay the bills!). I don’t have a 9-5 job in an office … Read more

The story of the wigs

I have a bit of a strange habit whilst entertaining as Captain Chaos at children’s parties. It’s so strange that even the guests notice it after a little while, and it ALWAYS causes a lot of questions and conversations. I wear wigs! Lots of them! I’ll always start the party with my trademark Captain Chaos … Read more

What games does Captain Chaos play during a party?

Kids Party DJ in Cambridgeshire

This is a question I’m asked by a lot of prospective customers, and it’s only right and proper that you want to know what you’re going to get on the day. Now whilst I can NEVER pre-plan what games I’m going to play on the day because they’re based on the ages and abilities of … Read more