For the “grown ups”

I’m regularly asked whether or not I can provide the Captain Chaos experience for adults!

Believe it or not….YES I CAN!

Big Kid’s parties can be a lot of fun, and the games are so much better once the prosecco starts to kick in 😉

So, if you fancy hosting a Big Kid’s party with all the fun, games and entertainment of a children’s party but for grown ups….I can certainly help. And yes, you can have the snow as well (you know you want to!)

Upgrade to Ultra-Violet lighting at no extra cost to make your underwear show through your clothing (trust me…it really does shine through whatever you’re wearing 😉 )

Space hopper racing, limbo, balloon and spoon racing, wipeout and action dances are all part of the fun (just like the real children’s parties), and you still have to shout “Aye Captain” when I ask you a question 🙂 

These parties aren’t quite so adrenaline fuelled (you’ll need time to recover between each game), and the games can if you wish, be just a little more “adult”.

The music is a little more grown up as well, with you in full control of the playlist if you wish with my online party planning tools.

So, book the babysitter for an evening, invite your besties and let’s have a Big Kid’s party with a lot of fun and silliness!

What does it cost?

There are a couple of options here.  I can offer either the standard Captain Chaos parties of two hours in length (have you got the energy for that one?), or a full evening’s entertainment of up to 5 hours, the choice is yours.

Full evening 
Big Kid's party

Let's make a night of it
and release your inner child!
£ 500 Special introductory price
  • Captain Chaos as your party host
  • The music YOU and your guests want to hear
  • Interactive games
  • Indoor snow (where permitted by your venue)
  • Up to 5 hours of entertainment at a slightly more relaxed pace
  • Optional ultra violet lighting at no extra cost
  • Upgraded lighting systems similar to those that I use at weddings