My top 5 tips for an AWESOME children’s party

I go to a LOT of children’s parties…on average a couple per week and more often than not….two in a day!

Over my many years of experience at children’s parties, I’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t work quite so well. Here are my top 5 tips to make YOUR child’s party one to remember!

Kids Party DJ in Cambridgeshire

1. Don't "over think" it!

Really, children’s parties aren’t that complicated. They need to be entertained, have fun, and most importantly let their hair down.


Remember, their young brains don’t know the sophistication of a wedding type of event or keeping up with the Jones’s. They just want to have fun and I can provide that for them.

Sometimes that means that they spend huge amounts of time running around the venue and bursting balloons instead of dancing, and that’s OK. They’re children and need to have fun in their own way!

I work at far too many parties where the hosts (parents) are trying to do better than the last party the kids went to and trust me, it never ends in a successful party!


Captain Chaos! Children's DJ and entertainer in Cambridgeshire

2. Stop for a break half way through

You’ve got no idea how much of a difference this makes to the energy of the party!

You don’t have to feed them a full-on meal, just a chance for a drink and a snack is enough. It gives them the chance for a breather and lets them build up energy for the second half of the party.

Being able to stop and enjoy food or a snack and a drink is also a massive part of the social element of the party and helps them to develop skills for adult life!

And for those that worry that they’re not getting the full two hours of entertainment – I don’t stop working during the break. I’m there entertaining them whilst they’re munching away and having a laugh with them!

It doesn’t HAVE to be two hours of non-stop adrenaline!

Kids Party DJ in Cambridgeshire

3. Don't provide too many distractions!

I’ve been to parties where there have been bouncy castles, inflatable toys, rocket launchers, donut walls, photo booths, walking conjurers…the list is endless.

All of these are distractions from the main party. There’s literally too much for them to do or process.

My advice is to keep it simple. I’m more than able to keep them amused for the duration of the party without other distractions.

Ultra Violet UV lighting at a Glow Party with Ely Kids Disco and Captain Chaos in Cambridgeshire

4. Join in!

Go on – release your inner child…you know you want to!

I take this advice at each and every children’s party I work at. I might feel a bit silly at times but do you know what…it’s a hell of a lot of fun working with them on THEIR level!

But on a serious note, if you as a parent are taking part in things like some of the games, the action dances, or even just jiggling around on the dance floor with them, it makes a MASSIVE difference.

They look to you for guidance as they do with everything else in life. If YOU’RE taking part in things…so will they!

Kids Party DJ in Cambridgeshire

5. Relax!

Easier said than done if you’ve never hosted a party for 30-40 young children in the past, I know! 

BUT…if you leave entertaining them to me (it’s what I do for a living after all) and relax, you’ll enjoy the whole experience as well!

My aim is to make the entire party experience as stress free for you as a parent as is humanly possible. I’m the one that frets about safety. I’m the one who worries about whether or not the party is working. 

This is my job, my livelihood…it’s my 9-5 and what I do for a living!

If I wasn’t any good at doing what I do, I wouldn’t get the bookings and would have ceased trading many moons ago. Happily I appear to be VERY good at my job and the order books are full for a long while to come 🙂 


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