Relax…I’ve got it covered!

The biggest fear of most parents at a birthday party is that it's going to be a lot of stress!

Trust me….I provide the entertainment at more than a few children’s birthday parties and know EXACTLY what’s going through your mind as a parent….

* Will the children have fun?
* Will the DJ actually turn up?
* Will everything work?

To put your mind as ease, I can answer YES to all of the above…and I have a LOT of happy customers that will attest to that!

Our daughter had a fantastic time dancing her heart out, and all her friends we so so excited to be out and about enjoying each other’s company again after such a long time with no parties happening.

Let me put your worried mind at ease!

I provide children’s parties week in, week out (sometimes 4 parties in a weekend). I’ve NEVER let a customer down yet so YES, I’ll absolutely be there when I say I will!

My booking contract says that I’ll be there to set up 30 minutes before the party starts which is normally ample time. In reality, I’ll turn up earlier than that in the hope that there’s already someone at the venue to let me in. If not, it’s no big problem…I’ll happily wait

Will the children have fun? I really hope so!

I’m different from a lot of children’s party DJs. I actually step away from the DJ booth and venture onto the dance floor to interact with them! (scary at times…but it’s how I roll!)

I like to engage with the guests and get them on-side. The moment I make contact with them…they’re ready to party and play games.

I encourage shouting and running around, I absolutely want them to have fun and enjoy the party, and I’ll go out of my way to ensure that’s the case!

Will everything work?

Well, that’s another story entirely and the true answer is…not always!

I work with electronic equipment which is vibrated to death whist it’s working and whilst it’s in transport in the back of the van. Thing can and DO go wrong!

Do you know what though…you’ll rarely notice when things aren’t quite as they should be!

I carry back-ups of just about everything and because of this the party WILL go ahead in some shape or form and nobody other than me will be any the wiser 😉


Wayne did the disco at our sons 6th birthday party. He was fantastic and kept everyone entertained with music, games and fun dances for the whole party. Would highly recommend. Really nice guy and an absolute professional.

So what do I as a parent have to do?

Believe it or not, there are certain bits I can’t do at a party and it’s over to you!

To put things simply, all you have to do is hire the venue, invite the guests, provide the food  if you’re feeding them, provide party bags if you’re giving them out, and leave the rest to me!

I’ll provide the sound and lighting, me as your very experienced children’s party DJ, the games, the fun, and of course the winner’s medals and certificates at the end of the party.

If parents are planning on staying, then you’ll need to water them as well…but other than that, I’ll take control of the entire party and make things as stress free as possible for you.



Fantastic service, great party games, good music. Very pleased.

Has that put your mind at rest

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