The story of the wigs

I have a bit of a strange habit whilst entertaining as Captain Chaos at children’s parties.

It’s so strange that even the guests notice it after a little while, and it ALWAYS causes a lot of questions and conversations.

I wear wigs! Lots of them!

I’ll always start the party with my trademark Captain Chaos purple Afro wig (I normally dye my beard the same colour with glow in the dark beard dye), but from then on in, I can be wearing a different “hair style” every couple of minutes or so.

Where did this strange part of my act come from?

I can’t remember the exact point in time when it happened. I’ve always liked to act the fool and dress for the occasion (Halloween and Christmas will see me in all manner of costumes).

One day whilst having a clear up in my store, I happened to put my collection of costume wigs (only about 4-5 at the time) into my games props box by mistake.

They came to the next party with me and just for fun, I started changing hairstyle throughout the party.

It got laughs and comments from the children, and from there on it became a part of the act.

Captain Chaos and the wigs

I always let them discover this part of the party themselves.

I never make a “big thing” about the wigs – that wouldn’t be fun.

Instead, I’ll quietly change them at various points during the party and eventually one of the children will notice and start to comment on it.

It’s normally at about the halfway point when somebody will suddenly notice I’ve gone from having an afro style haircut to being a full-on hippy or even Elvis Presley!

This in turn leads to a game of “wig spotting”.

I ALWAYS deny the fact that it’s not my real hair, which leads to even more confusion (it’s soooo easy to confuse the average 6 year old).

It’s just become a little bit of harmless fun which helps them to remember the party for just a little bit longer!

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